Thanks to all of you who came out to play!

Congrats to all who queued, placed and/or titled!

Following are the results for High in Trial:


    • High in Trial Novice: Lynda Peppel and Taffy

    • High in Trial Advanced: LeeAnn Emirkhanian and Moby

    • High in Trial Excellent: Elizabeth Chilton and Scout

    • High in Trial Master: None this trial

Following are the results for High Combined Division:


    • High Combined Novice: Belle Chen and Lyra

    • High Combined Advanced: Diane Sox and Casey

    • High Combined Excellent: Sue Ingham and Flame

    • High Combined Master: None this trial

The Kali Award, sponsored by Sheila Spiro in memory of her dog, Kali, is an award that will be presented each trial day to recognize the oldest dog that had a qualifying run.  Congratulations go to:


    • Maizey with Anne Swan for Saturday

    • Mavi with Amanda Getz for Sunday

Special Congratulations to the team that received their Detective Title!

  • Marcella Winslow and Grace

Detective Master Excellent Advanced Novice A Novice B
Friday Buried Buried Buried Buried Buried
Saturday Container Container Container Container Container
Sunday Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior
  Interior Interior Interior Interior Interior
  Sat HD Sat HD Sat HD Sat HD Sat HD
  Sun HD Sun HD Sun HD Sun HD Sun HD

Thanks for playing with us!